Bathroom Lighting

Moving on into the bathrooms of the residential lighting topics is the direction we will go with this one. It seems that every bathroom that we go into lately has those builder grade circle lighting fixtures above the mirror over the sink. You know, The plain bulb looking ones with four or five lights in a row that just look too plain and cheap. I think every home built between 2002 and 2006 during the new construction boom of that era had those lights installed into the bathrooms above the mirror. Not real sure who ever decided those would be the signature light fixtures of the new bathrooms in all of these homes, but someone hammered down on the movement to install these everywhere, not just in the cheap homes! That with the lighter laminate wood flooring was the staple everywhere.

We recently rehabbed a house with these lights in them and we couldn’t get them out and replaced fast enough! We also had the roof replaced on this home by roofer Roswell Ga. There are a few good looking light fixtures at Home Depot and Lowes now that have a nickel finish with a good looking light bulb cover that point downward towards the sink. This one replacement alone, with painting, will definitely spruce up the bathroom with an inexpensive budget. We usually take down the old fixtures, have the entire bathroom and rooms painted, and then install these new fixtures to give the bathroom walls a facelift. Plus, it gives the lighting a little Continue reading

Residential Lighting Tips

This post happens to be about the lighting that we most likely and you probably will encounter with recessed lighting theme. Basically, homeowners like to spruce up the kitchen and living room of their residences and most likely, this is what you will experience too. Rather than go on and on about a business office or commercial setting, we will explore the residential side for the masses..because that is where it seems everyone wants the information about.

Lets say you have an outdated kitchen in your home and you are looking at ways to update it. You ask yourself, “where do I start”? Trust me I know the feeling, but after giving you a few tips, you will have it down. I helped my buddy over at Towing Roswell, GA and he and his family loved it. Recessed lighting is a game changer when installed properly in the kitchen and living room areas. It really gives the home and the most used areas a modern feel and touch, increasing the value tremendously. One way of looking at it is, what is on your ceiling now in the kitchen? Is it an old crusty light fixture from 1992? If so, rip that thing out and have a contractor come out and price out the recessed lighting in the kitchen to really make it pop. Along with the painting of your kitchen cabinets, new dark or silver hardware Continue reading

Recessed Lighting General

Welcome to our wordpress blog about recessed lighting and all that it has to offer. The good, the bad (can’t really think of anything) and the ugly…As a matter of fact, it is the best lighting for the interior of the living rooms and kitchens in our humble opinion. The additional icing on the cake is when the dimmer switch is installed as well with it, so that you can have bright or dim light when you choose.

So, you may be asking yourself, why did these guys put up a blog about recessed lighting? Well, this site previously sold recessed lighting at wholesale pricing but has since gotten out of the business. Now the former owner is in the plumbing business over at Plumber Roswell, GA.  Without any further ado, we took it over and decided to talk and blog about recessed lights and the ins and outs of them. Basically just shop talk about lighting that is recessed up in the ceiling for a flat finish and inside bulbs that are drawn in to the light fixture so that nothing is exposed under the drywall. It is not a sick obsession, but rather Continue reading