Bathroom Lighting

Moving on into the bathrooms of the residential lighting topics is the direction we will go with this one. It seems that every bathroom that we go into lately has those builder grade circle lighting fixtures above the mirror over the sink. You know, The plain bulb looking ones with four or five lights in a row that just look too plain and cheap. I think every home built between 2002 and 2006 during the new construction boom of that era had those lights installed into the bathrooms above the mirror. Not real sure who ever decided those would be the signature light fixtures of the new bathrooms in all of these homes, but someone hammered down on the movement to install these everywhere, not just in the cheap homes! That with the lighter laminate wood flooring was the staple everywhere.

We recently rehabbed a house with these lights in them and we couldn’t get them out and replaced fast enough! We also had the roof replaced on this home by roofer Roswell Ga. There are a few good looking light fixtures at Home Depot and Lowes now that have a nickel finish with a good looking light bulb cover that point downward towards the sink. This one replacement alone, with painting, will definitely spruce up the bathroom with an inexpensive budget. We usually take down the old fixtures, have the entire bathroom and rooms painted, and then install these new fixtures to give the bathroom walls a facelift. Plus, it gives the lighting a little flair without having those signature plain light fixtures everywhere.

Another nice finish on light fixtures for the bathrooms or anywhere else in the house is the dark bronze finish color. It is a brown type color that really looks good with the grays, and tope colors for wall painting. It has a nice blending look with the brown light fixtures and the light gray paint colors or even the tan/tope colors. ¬†We have been doing some of the homes with these and it looks real nice. The only hesitation that I have though, is that it may be out of style quicker than the simple silver and nickel finished light fixtures that are popular now too. These color finishes all go in fads and are popular for a while, but then once they are out, it doesn’t look good anymore. And I think that the silver ones and nickel ones will look good regardless, because they have been used already for so many years and aren’t really out of style yet.

To sum up the bathroom lighting, just go to you local home box store initially and start getting ideas from there. They have dozens of styles and shapes that you can choose from and some look better than others in different style bathrooms, depending on the faucets already there and the flooring. We always do a sweep of the light fixture aisles to see what is new and would look nice in the specific bathroom that we are focusing on rehabbing at the time. You can do the same, and shouldn’t take you more than thirty minutes to get ideas, and select the winning combo!