Residential Lighting Tips

This post happens to be about the lighting that we most likely and you probably will encounter with recessed lighting theme. Basically, homeowners like to spruce up the kitchen and living room of their residences and most likely, this is what you will experience too. Rather than go on and on about a business office or commercial setting, we will explore the residential side for the masses..because that is where it seems everyone wants the information about.

Lets say you have an outdated kitchen in your home and you are looking at ways to update it. You ask yourself, “where do I start”? Trust me I know the feeling, but after giving you a few tips, you will have it down. I helped my buddy over at Towing Roswell, GA and he and his family loved it. Recessed lighting is a game changer when installed properly in the kitchen and living room areas. It really gives the home and the most used areas a modern feel and touch, increasing the value tremendously. One way of looking at it is, what is on your ceiling now in the kitchen? Is it an old crusty light fixture from 1992? If so, rip that thing out and have a contractor come out and price out the recessed lighting in the kitchen to really make it pop. Along with the painting of your kitchen cabinets, new dark or silver hardware on the cabinets, and a new countertop, the kitchen will look fantastic and you won’t be breaking the bank to do so. Oh yeah, and the new appliance package in the stainless steel form will seal the deal as well. So, maybe do these things little by little so that you don’t have to spend all of the money at once. Do the countertops one year, recessed lighting the next, and then the appliances the closer you get to selling the property so that the new owners will have nice ones already in, therefore speeding up the sales time.

Moving along into the living room, there is nothing cooler looking than recessed lighting in the sitting areas that have a dimmer switch! You can soften the lights during the evening when it is time to relax and not have too bright of lights on. I could go on and on about this, but they are really a nice feature to have in the main family room. Sometimes, I have seen where they have been installed over the fireplace to give that area above the fire a nice place to put a picture, or something that can be featured in your living room.

Whatever you do, consider recessed lighting on your next renovation package. It is not too terribly expensive to install, all the wiring is typically up there in the ceiling for the contractor to tap in to. And, it will really enhance the look of the inside of your home!